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Making Gift Voucher Sales Easy and Profitable

Making Gift Voucher Sales Easy and Profitable

 If you have a question not covered here, just contact us. A member of our management team will get back you very quickly.

How much does this cost?

Answer: Our aim is to make it both easy and cost effective to sell electronic gift vouchers for dining experiences from your own web site. We charge just 5% of the value of vouchers sold in any given month. If you choose to use our payment gateway we pass on an additional 2.5% credit card processing charge. Our setup and customisation service is currently free.

Where are my vouchers sold?

Answer: Our primary product is a storefront connected to your own web site. Your own site is where your vouchers will be sold. We also have plans to develop a consumer facing site where we will also advertise and promote any vouchers configured in your account.

Do I need technical skills to link the voucher storefront to my web site?

Answer: Not really! We provide a small snippet of code and tell you where to add this to your web site. The storefront will then be advertised to visitors on your site. It’s very easy and should take no more than a few minutes. We’re always here to help.

How do I get paid when a voucher is sold on my site?

Answer: We can either work with your own payment gateway or you can use ours. We are integrated with Stripe and will be adding support for more payment gateways soon. If it’s your own payment gateway you will get paid right away as it’s your own account. If you use our payment gateway we redeem your funds monthly with our commission as a deduction. When you use our payment gateway we pass on an additional 2.5% charge for credit card processing.

Does the recipient receive their voucher in the post?

Answer: No. To streamline operations and to make the service as efficient as possible we are 100% electronic. We send emails to both the purchaser and the voucher recipient. The recipient receives a fully customised electronic voucher in PDF format. They can download the voucher after validating it using a special link we send them by email. We ask them to print the voucher and bring it to the restaurant.

How does a voucher recipient make a booking?

Answer: We provide full instructions to all voucher recipients. The mechanism for making a booking is based on how you would like your account configured. Some restaurants prefer to take phone calls to take a reservation. You can also instruct the recipient to email you, or to visit another part of your web site to make an electronic booking. Watch this space for details of integration with the best restaurant reservation system on the market!