About DineAndGift

More Revenue. New Loyal Customers.


The team behind DineAndGift have more than two¬†decades¬†experience in the restaurant technology sector. Together, we’re restaurateurs, marketers, and technologists. With a deep understanding of how restaurants work, a long track record in helping restaurants use technology to better manage their resources and customers, we saw an opportunity to help every restaurant drive more sales through gift vouchers.


The one thing no restaurant needs is more work, so we designed DineAndGift to be beautifully simple. In a matter of hours you can have a live voucher storefront up and running on your own web site. This instantly gives you an opportunity to generate new customers driven from your existing web users. There’s so many reasons to be selling dining experience vouchers online. Quite simply, we know they drive additional revenue, introduce new repeat customers, and give you an edge over your competition. Have a look round and contact us if you’d like a completely free trial.

DineAndGift was conceived to give restaurant owners a better way to sell dining experience vouchers to their customers. We found that restaurants either didn’t sell gift vouchers at all, or were forced to pay sky high commissions to 3rd party marketing channels.

Easy to implement

We can build your custom voucher storefront in as little as a few hours. Designed to your unique needs.

Embeds Seamlessly

Just one line of code and your voucher site is integrated into any existing web site

Beautiful, Intuitive Design

Works perfectly on any device. Sell to your customers wherever and whenever

Complete Control

It’s the solution you control. Secure web-access to every aspect of your
DineAndGift account

Simple to Manage and Operate

Vouchers are sold, paid for, and validated online by your customers. Big benefits for little effort.

Secure Payments. Fast Payouts.

Your payment gateway or ours. Fees from as little as 2%. Fast monthly payments.


Get started with DineAndGift today. Let us build your voucher storefront free of charge.