DineAndGift goes into user testing 3 years ago

After a 6 month development period, DineAndGift are pleased to announce the launch  of our web site and user trials of our dining experience platform. Designed from the ground up to help restaurants create and sell dining experience vouchers from their own web site, our goal is to make it easy for restaurants to provide a fully-featured gift voucher storefront from their own web site.

We’ve been immersed in restaurant technology and marketing for more than 10 years and have worked with thousands of restaurants all over the globe. DineAndGift was born from demand from restaurants who want to sell vouchers but didn’t want to have to rely on expensive 3rd party marketing portals. With DineAndGift we allow any restaurant to take control of their marketing, and to experience the uplift in sales that vouchers can deliver.

We’ve built a fully electronic platform allowing restaurants to create a customised storefront on their own web site. The storefront can be configured in minutes to sell any number of dining experience vouchers and linked “extras” to drive additional revenue from ancillary products and experiences. It’s easy to get started, easy to manage, cost-effective, and born to drive revenue. We invite you to try it today.

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